New Look!

Frills and Flightsuits has moved! I recently took on the daunting task of moving my WordPress site to a self-hosted WordPress. In order to share more with you all, I am trying my best not to be a perfectionist, so please forgive me as the site is not completely where I want it yet. It is, however, at the point where I can finally share the new look! Continue reading


Flag Day

A vintage flag hangs inside H. Harper Station in Atlanta.  Photo by Johnny Autry

Not only is today an amazing day because it’s Saturday, but today is also June 14th, which means only one thing: Flag Day. The day when the Continental Congress first issued the U.S. Flag in 1777. American’s observe this day on June 14th every year where we celebrate those broad stripes and bright stars.

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Beautiful Things {5.22.14}

With Mr. Marine and I’s busier than usual schedule this week, time has really flown by. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, again! While we like to wind down together in the evenings with a good show and some quality couch snuggling, one of my favorite things to do to get my mind off of the day is to peruse through photos of interior Continue reading

DIY Entryway Key Hook Shelf

While we were building some fun pieces of furniture for our rental a few weeks ago {more posts for y’all!} I ended up with a massive scrap pile of wood. Friends, please don’t ever throw away good wood. I promise, there will be something fun you can do with it whether it be a simple DIY shelf, DIY painted will need it eventually! This little lovely only cost us about $7.00 to make because we had excess scrap wood just waiting to be re-purposed. This DIY key hook shelf was inspired by

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DIY Rope Wrapped Mason Jar

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love mason jars {every shape + every size}. Something I love even more about masons: they are so incredibly versatile. I want to kick off the weekend by sharing a simple + fun DIY mason jar project you can create yourself in under 10 minutes per jar. I hope you are inspired to create one {or many} for yourself! Continue reading

Beautiful Things {5.15.14}

Happy Thursday friends! Have I ever mentioned that I possess a bad obsession with Pinterest. I can’t seem to get enough of the decorative, DIY, incredible recipes, and fashion inspiration. Can you? I would love to share some of my favorite things with you today. This week, I have a few from Pinterest and also a few from my own camera! I enjoy Continue reading